Connecting through New York /Newark Liberty International Airport hasn’t always been smooth sailing for United Airlines passengers. Sure, the Polaris Lounge is open (finally) and there’s that secret restaurant but the airport is still home to a few “pop up” lounges.

The Pain & Suffering of Traveling out of Newark

Being based in ORD and often passing through IAD, I don’t find myself spending a ton of time at Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR). And that’s not just by chance. When I first started traveling a lot for work and was but barely a MileagePlus Gold member, I struggled with the lack of amenities at United Clubs. They were overcrowded, run down and some were even closed.

While United has spent plenty of money improving the passenger experience, the updated F&B offerings are some of the most expensive options you’ll find at airports. And don’t fall for the trick of using your miles instead of paying cash. The fancy iPad ordering is fun, but it doesn’t really replace good customer service. Especially when you can’t get a meal for less than around $25…

$30 in Dining Credit for United Airlines MileagePlus Status Members

That’s why as I was (finally) enjoying the Newark Polaris Lounge, I was pleasantly surprised to see a sponsored United ad on Instagram promoting a new offer for MileagePlus Status Members:

There’s no link available and after some research I still couldn’t find anything online, so you’ll just have to take our/their word for it and give it a try for yourself. $30 is still $30 and if you can score a free meal, it’s probably better than the cheese and crackers found at the standard United Club. There wasn’t a chance I was going to leave the Polaris Lounge too early to check out the offer…

OTG Restaurants at EWR

If you’re curious which restaurants this offer is eligible for, here’s a handy list for you:

  • Abruzzo Italian Steakhouse
  • Caps Beer Garden
  • CBGB L.A.B.
  • Flora Café
  • Happy Clam
  • Little Purse
  • Melange Bakery Cafe
  • Nonna’s Meatball Café
  • Oeno Wine Bar
  • Proof Whiskey Bar
  • Riviera
  • Saison
  • SURF
  • Tacquila
  • Wanderlust Burger Bar

UPDATE: Folks Who Have Scored This Promo

Thanks to some sleuthing, it appears that more than a few folks have scored this promo. Some who knew about it and others who didn’t find out until it was time to pay their bill! Most are of the opinion that since it says “Our gift to you” and mentions the holiday season this offer might disappear after New Years.

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