The current health pandemic has caused many of us to reassess our life priorities and, faced with such a stark reminder of our human frailties, wonder whether we’ve genuinely been focusing on the most important things in our lives. For instance, focusing more on self-improvement and caring for our friends, families and global communities. 

Working from home has caused a surge of interest in the digital nomad lifestyle because many have chosen to work from abroad rather than their home nations and hopefully once restrictions ease, this influx of new faces and talents will lead to positive cultural and economic exchanges.

But if you’re not quite ready to commit to a permanent digital nomad lifestyle, you might want to consider a radical sabbatical. A bit like a gap year for adults, this extended period of travel should be a cathartic and enriching experience where you immerse yourself in new cultures.

Sounds cool? Take a look at these five ways to make a radical sabbatical truly life-enhancing. 

1. Learn new languages

Please don’t think you can get away with speaking English with a ‘foreign’ accent – you’ll either become a subject or ridicule or rage. A language app like Babbel allows you to learn the basics from home and then you can polish your pronunciation and extend your vocabulary in situ. 

2. Live in real communities

Safety always comes first, but by choosing to live in regular communities with local people, you’ll save cash on rent and have a much more immersive experience. Check which neighbourhoods are safe with your national embassy in your destination and then look for secure hostels, hotels and private rentals. 

3. Study online

If you want to pursue a completely different career when you return home from your travels (or even dip your toes in the water while on the move), studying online could be a good move. For instance, online degrees from ARU Distance Learning could lead to a new job in anything from psychology to audiology. 

4. Mix new and familiar destinations

There’s no doubt that you’ll want to see entirely new places during your radical sabbatical, but you might also want to spend some time in a couple of familiar destinations where you can relax and recharge your batteries in between the challenges and excitement of the unfamiliar. This type of long break requires stamina, so inserting some restful staging posts in your itinerary is wise. 

5. Get fit

The old adage ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ applies even more on the road than it does at home. So staying fit while abroad is essential for making the most of your long-term break. You don’t need to invest in fancy equipment or gym memberships either. These Men’s Health bodyweight exercises can be performed just about anywhere and will keep you toned and trim. 

Follow these five tips and your radical sabbatical will be truly transformative – you can thank us later!

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