Traveling is undoubtedly one of the great pleasures of life. It can be a time to disconnect, enjoy new and exciting experiences, and go into a marvelous adventure. This time away from work can be a great opportunity to discover the open road and take a road trip to remember. However, you will want to remember it for the right reasons and not for any mishaps or uncomfortable moments you might endure.

The most important thing in the road trip is doing everything that will make your trip more comfortable and safer. This is why we have gathered the 7 most important tips to travel by car so that you can turn this trip into a complete success.

 1. Prepare and Clean the Car

The first thing you should do is make sure your car is ready to go. Sometimes we can end up using our car as a storage space, as our day to day life can be very hectic. However, when traveling by car you will want to make sure your car is a clean and safe space, in which you will not feel cluttered. Therefore, it’s very important that your car is clean before you go and that you only take the things you’ll need for your trip.

2. Safety Inspections

Try to do check-ups on your car before the long trip. Check your oil level and the date that you may need an oil change. If it is almost the time to change your oil, then do it. A long trip can give additional stress on your vehicle. The recommended interval for oil changes used to be every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. 

Another important checkup for your car is the battery. If the battery has not been changed for a long time, make sure it can work well during the trip. If the sound of your starter is sluggish, it may indicate corrosion or a dying battery. Go and change it as soon as possible. 

Another vital checkup of your car is wheels and tires. It is important to check the pressure and your custom rims before you leave since they are paramount to safety. 

And the final thing is washing your car before the trip. This is important because it provides good visibility while driving and allows you to check the conditions of wider blades before your journey.

3. Planning

Planning is key in most things we do and traveling by car is no exception. Ideally, you will have a good idea of where you are going, which route to take, and even how many stops you’ll make. Planning can make all the difference in whether you get lost for hours or you get to your destination seamlessly. Furthermore, if you don’t like traveling at night, you can plan accordingly, so that you will maximize your daylight hours and set up everything for an overnight stop if necessary.

4. Maps and Apps

The best way to avoid getting lost is by getting apps that lead you in the right direction. If you have a smartphone, it likely has an integrated GPS. This means you can download apps such as Google Maps or Waze. The good thing about these apps is that they do much more than show you the road you can take to get to your destination.

They can also show you where the gas stations are, if there is a delay because of traffic or a weather warning, and in the case of Waze, you can even learn if there are traffic stops along the way. If you are a bit more old school, you can always get a GPS device or even a map, but the benefits of technology can make things a lot easier.

road trip travel by car and maps

5. Do Some Sightseeing

One of the benefits of traveling by car is that you can stop to enjoy beautiful sights along the way. This is also one of the benefits of planning your trip. When you know which road you’ll take to get to your final destination, you can do some research and find out what beautiful spots there are on the way. It may be a national park, a monument, a museum, or anything that catches your interest. Part of traveling by car is enjoying the road and everything it has to offer.

6. Prepare a Playlist

Music can make your trip truly special and preparing a playlist with some of your favorite songs can set the perfect mood for a wonderful trip. You can even make more than one playlist, one with the songs you are currently into and one with old classics you know and love. This way you’ll get a perfect mix of old and new and can sing your heart out on the road. If you are traveling with friends or family, this can also be a fun activity to do together in preparation for the trip.

 7. Have Some Fun Games Ready

Preparing some fun games can be especially useful when traveling with kids; however, they are also a great way to keep the driver engaged and alert. Sometimes, roads can be very monotonous and the trip can get a little bit tiring. An important recommendation when traveling with kids is to use the games wisely. Instead of playing them one after the other, it’s better to keep intervals between games. This way they will be entertained throughout the entire trip, which is quite beneficial as they might become a bit impatient.

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