There is no denying that companies have adapted a remote work set up due to the pandemic. Hence, it is not surprising that many employees do not have a home office, to begin with.

Now that the need for it is here, you should make sure that you take care of it well.

One of the ways you can take care of your home office is by designing it meticulously. You want to decorate your home office to make it appealing to work in and to inspire you.

As a remote worker, it can be harder to find inspiration and be productive. But, hopefully, these nine home office design tips can help you find the motivation to work:

1. Use Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are a fantastic addition to any space, including your home office. The greeneries around you can add that fresh touch to your home office to make it feel less sterile and dull. Besides that, indoor plants can improve the indoor air quality inside your home office, which will benefit your overall health.

Ensure that the plants you use are indoor plants so that you won’t have a stressful time maintaining them. Also, make sure that you do take care of them. These are still living things, after all, so you should care for them as well. There’s nothing less inspiring than being surrounded by dead plants, so take care of them.

2. Let There be Natural Light

Your lighting situation in the home office affects your productivity and the atmosphere in the office. As much as possible, you should find a way to let natural light in it. Not only is natural light easier on the eyes, but it also helps brighten up any space. With a bright space, any room can feel a lot bigger than it is.

3. Install Ceiling Panels to Insulate Sound

Noise can distract you from the work you’re supposed to do quite fast. Therefore, you should look for ways on how you can help insulate sound. You can do this by installing ceiling panels in your home office for sound insulation.

It might be best to hire a professional to do it because this involves a bit of work. However, you’ll appreciate the noise insulation that you get out of it once you finish.

4. Use Sliding Doors

Traditional doors take up way more space than people realize. Since you need to leave some clearance space for it to open and close, it occupies more space than you think.

If you have a smaller home office, you might want to have sliding doors on it instead of the traditional ones. That way, you won’t have to account for that clearance space that all traditional doors have.

5. Keep it Clutter-free

According to Maid Sailors Maid Service NYC, clutter can get in the way of your productivity. On the other hand, having a clean workspace, whether in your home or at a coffee shop, can help you start an inspiring workday.

It would help if you made it a habit to clean your workspace and free it of mess and clutter at the start and end of every workday. Get rid of any item that doesn’t have anything to do with the work that you need to accomplish right now. It would be best if you also threw out the trash on your desk as soon as possible to help keep things clean.

If you leave all sorts of clutter on your workspace, it can grab your attention in the middle of your work without you intending it to happen. Therefore, you should keep everything clutter-free for each workday.

6. Keep Wires Out of the Way

Wire organization is an important task to help make your home office look messy and disorganized. Whether it’s arranging the wires for your desktop or tucking away lamp cables, cable organization will make for a clean and tidy home office space.

7. Choose the Right Wall Colors

The color theory states that colors create a different psychological effect on people. Therefore, you might want to change the wall colors of your home office to ones that help inspire you to be more productive instead.

Blue is a popular color for home offices because it doesn’t distract you. Greens and neutrals can also help maintain concentration and keep a relaxed atmosphere.

8. Use an Ergonomic Office Chair

If your body is in an uncomfortable posture while working, it’s going to be hard to remain productive. Therefore, you should invest in a high-quality ergonomic office chair.

That way, your sitting posture will not deteriorate. You won’t have to worry too much about aches and pains, which can distract or make you cut short your workday.

9. Use Quality Speakers for Productive Tunes

If you’re the type of person who likes listening to tunes or maybe white noise when working, you should get yourself some high-quality speakers. Headphones are also fabulous if you don’t want your entire home office bumping those tunes into the world.


Remote workers’ biggest challenge right now is to remain productive. That is despite the many distractions in their home office.

Home office design isn’t some people’s first answer. However, it’s still going to inspire productivity to a lot of workers out there.

If you want an office-like environment, you might as well personalize your home office. Try out the nine home office design tips listed above to improve your home office situation.

That way, you can enjoy a productive work life.

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