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Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando are all set to reopen tomorrow, July 11th, after months of being closed due to COVID-19. The reopening brings about controversy nationwide as Disneyland of California has called off its reopening until further notice. Just yesterday, was an exclusive Passholder Preview Day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando. Many Disney fans were ecstatic about getting the first look at a COVID-19 era Disney experience. Our very own Mike had the opportunity to spend the day at Disney World as part of Passholder’s Preview Day and it was an interesting experience indeed! Here’s an inside look at how Disney is approaching their reopening.

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What do you think of an office on wheels? We’ve talked about how you can be successful working remotely in your RV before. But what about an actual business venture including mobile offices? By turning semi-truck trailers, or shipping containers into office spaces there may be a demand for this kind of remote work solution in the future.

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You may want to consider a fun quick getaway this weekend in the US. If you live on either of the coasts especially, there are some awesome quick trips you can take with the family. Explore upstate New York , or drive from California to San Juan Island in Washington. Check out these 8 incredibly affordable getaways to take this weekend in the US.

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