It’s time to shop til you drop – at home of course! For AAdvantage members, you have the opportunity to register for AAdvantage’s 2020 Bonus Mile Dash by May 18, 2020. For every qualified purchase made on the eShopping portal of $50 or more, you’ll receive bonus miles!

Haven’t made an AAdvantage account yet? You’ll want to start here first. If you already have, then you’re ready to register for the Bonus Mile Dash.

How it Works

First you’ll need to register for the bonus mile dash with your AAdvantage account number. Once you do that, you’ll have access to over 950 stores to start earning you miles per dollar. The bonus period runs from 5/11/20 through 5/18/20 11:59 pm ET. The amount of miles earned are based upon 4 tiers. For every $50 spent on qualified offers, a different amount of miles are rewarded. See the image below for exact award amounts.

AAdvantage bonus mile dash tiers showing how many bonus miles can be gained

The Offers

After you register, you’ll be able to see the deals offered each day. These can change during the bonus period, so be sure to check the eShopping portal daily for all updates on eligible offers. A few of the offers include stores such as Walgreens, Nike, Disney+ and more.

list of 6 bonus mile dash offers - Walgreens, Disney+, Lululemon, Staples, Nike, and

Terms & Conditions

Please be sure to check out AAdvantage’s terms & conditions for the most up to date details related to these offers.

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