This post is part of a long-form series documenting the process of completing a status match challenge. For the master post on my experience matching from United Airlines MileagePlus Premier 1k to American Airlines AAdvantage Executive Platinum, click here.

May I Have the Envelope, Please

Folks all have different reasons why they travel (or travel hack). While it’s not my favorite part, I do enjoy seeing how loyalty programs package their annual status kits. Of course, the first ones you get are usually just a card and a luggage tag if you’re lucky. As you climb that ladder however, the kits get nicer and nicer.

My United Premier 1k kit from 2018 was awesome – plenty of drink coupons, luggage tags and even coasters! When I hit Premier Platinum, I got a nice luggage handle wrap. That’s why I was so looking forward to seeing what American Airlines would send once I (barely) hit my status match challenge. I felt like Ralphie from A Christmas Story running to the mail box every day waiting for that decoder ring. Sadly, I ended up being a bit disappointed much like he was with what Annie’s secret message really was.

Is That All There Is?

Don’t get me wrong – it’s nice that they send anything. I was just hoping for something a little bit more. An updated membership card, two customized luggage tags (which is nicer than the Premier 1k ones) and employee recognition certificates.

I was surprised there weren’t drink coupons, but then again you get complimentary drinks (PLURAL) when flying as an Executive Platinum in Main Cabin Extra, when with United you just get one. Perhaps some fun swag would have been nice? The recognition certificates are always nice to have on hand, and sadly I wish I would have more reasons to offer them to employees. A major culture shock in switching from United to American has certainly been dealing with far worse customer service.

American Airlines Executive Platinum Kit 2018

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