Check out this luxury bamboo mansion in Bali, Indonesia! I recently stayed here with some of the speakers from the 2019 Running Remote Conference. This incredible villa is made entirely from reclaimed wood and copper, making it as eco-friendly as it is stunning. Join me as I take you through a tour of the “Sharma Springs” Villa in Green Village, Bali.

Sharma Springs Villa

Sharma Springs is the tallest bamboo structure in Bali. Not only is this bamboo villa an architectural wonder, but its a work of art. As part of Green Village, it’s been featured on CBS This Morning and the front page of New York magazine.

It’s five bedrooms are all enclosed in glass environment with cooling AC units, including 5 ensuite bathrooms. There is also a guesthouse that accommodates up to 2 adults and 2 children.

What is Green Village?

Originally envisioned and developed by John Hardy, Green Village is a community of globally connected individuals who care about nature. Located just off the Ayung River in Bali, it is home to 12 unique and sustainable bamboo houses and villas. All structures are hand-constructed by the IBUKU architectural team.

The master-planned compound is designed to accommodate a sustainable and comfortable lifestyle; with all the luxury Balinese nature has to offer.

Green Village is only a short scenic walk from the world famous Green School. A campus providing education designed around principles of an organic permaculture system, the compound has attracted nature lovers, entrepreneurs, and celebrities from all over the world.

They recently launched The Bridge at Green School. Providing coworking and adult education.

About Running Remote

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