Capital One Venture & Savor Cards Now Earn You Additional Miles and Cashback with Uber Eats

Capital One continues to deliver in the midst of COVID-19. They added cashback offers on streaming services in June and additional mileage bonuses. So obtaining a Capital One Venture card or Capital One Savor card may be the way to go in the midst of the pandemic. Starting today July 14th, 2020, the Capital One Venture cards earn you 5 miles per dollar with UberEats purchases. And with the Capital One Savor cards, you receive 5% cash back with UberEats purchases.

We encourage you to look through your credit cards, figure out if they’re worth keeping or not. With the pandemic bringing about new shopping habits, credit card companies have found ways to include new benefits to make having their credit cards worth while. 

The Uber Eats Promo

The UberEats and Capital One offer is really easy to activate. 

By the way, UberEats food delivery can now be ordered through the Uber app itself! Therefore, you no longer have to download the UberEats app separately. 

As long as you have your Capital One Venture card, a Capital One VentureOne card, a Capital One Savor Cash Rewards card, or a Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards card saved as your payment option for UberEats, you’re good! Keep in mind, this offer is on until January 31, 2021.

The Capital One Credit Cards & Their Benefits

These credit cards bring you more benefits than just the benefits associated with the UberEats offer. As we mentioned earlier, Capital One is one of several credit card companies that have worked to tweak the benefits offered with their credit cards. Below we’ve included the additional benefits of the four cards that are part of the Capital One x UberEats promo.

Capital One Savor Cash Rewards Credit Cards

Capital One Savor and SavorOne Cash Rewards offers
From creditcards.com

Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Cards

Capital One Venture and VentureOne Rewards cards offers
From creditcards.com

And through September 30, 2020 Venture and VentureOne credit card members can redeem miles earned for eligible restaurant delivery, takeout and streaming service purchases. This is in addition to the UberEats promo as well.

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