When attempting to get around New York City you’ve got plenty of different options. Whether subway, taxi, ride share or bike share, each option offers varying benefits of cost savings and convenience. Here’s how you can save 41% off a Citi Bike Annual Membership!

How Citi Bike Works

Bike share is a great alternative to watching a taxi meter increase while in traffic or waiting on a delayed subway train. Whether looking for an annual membership or just a day pass, anyone can sign up for Citi Bike. Bikes can also be booked through the Lyft app! Once you set up your account, you find an available bike, unlock it and off you go. When you’re done, drop it off at any station with an open dock.

Citi Bike offers 12,000 bikes accessible at 750 stations across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Jersey City. If you’re visiting NYC, you might opt for a Single Ride (30 minutes) for $3/trip or a Day Pass (24 hours) which offers unlimited 30 minute rides for $12/day. At $169/year, Annual Memberships provide the best value to those who live in NYC or visit often for business or pleasure.

Save 41% Off Citi Bike Annual Memberships

There’s a lot of perks and benefits to being a member of a coworking space, besides just having a great place to work. Besides being a part of a community, members often enjoy access to exclusive events, discounts and more. Members of coworking spaces that participate in Included.co can now add a 41% discount on Citi Bike Annual Memberships to that growing list of perks!

Members of any Included.co participating coworking space, office suite or freelancer community can now pre-register for a $100 annual Citi Bike Membership – 41% off the public rate! This is a price that’s usually only available through corporate discounts for companies with 20+ employees! Here’s what you need to know:

  • Pre-registrations are open for program launch in July 2019
  • Annual Memberships include unlimited 45 minute rides on any classic bike (fees apply for rides that last over 45 minutes)
  • This offer is only available to active members of coworking spaces, office suites and freelancer communities that are part of Included.co
  • Once your active membership has been verified, plans are paid via ACH transfer directly to Citi Bike via Included.co

Are You Included?

Included.co provides perks and benefits to over 500 entrepreneurial communities in 61 countries around the world. Members of participating spaces and groups can access benefits such as:

  • 10% Off Business Insurance
  • 20% Off Accommodations in 10 European Cities
  • 5% Off Logo Design
  • 40% Off Printing Requests
  • And More!

Beyond just perks and benefits Included.co also supports fun and creative activities such as their annual Secret Santa program. Find out if you’re a member of an Included.co powered space and if not, sign your space up here!

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