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During my time in Miami, I used Deskpass to visit two coworking spaces. For a low monthly fee, Deskpass allows members to try out nearby independent coworking spaces with no strings attached. Since I never know where I will be traveling next, Deskpass is a helpful resource for me as a digital nomad. Deskpass recently launched in Miami and is currently available in 10 US markets. I used Deskpass to try out The LAB Miami for a day.

Love, Art & Business: The LAB Miami

The LAB (Love, Art & Business) was Miami’s first coworking space. It started in 2012 when the founders, Wifredo Fernandez, Danny Lafuente, and Elisa Rodriguez-Vila, opened the original space in The Wynwood Building. After gaining popularity, investors contributed to a new 10,000 square-foot location in the Wynwood Arts District, and the rest is history. The LAB Miami ranks as one of the top coworking spaces in the USA according to reputable sources, such as the Member’s Choice Awards. It is also the home of many notable Miami-based startups, including Wyncode, the first licensed coding academy in Florida.

My Deskpass Experience

I found the Deskpass app to be well designed, intuitive, and straightforward. Upon opening the app for the first time, I was able to select the spaces tab and see a map populated with coworking spaces in the Miami area. From there, I was able to pinpoint which coworking spaces were in the most desirable locations. Additionally, I could toggle to a list view and narrow my search results with filters. When I tapped on a specific workspace, I could view more information, such as photos, contacts, address, hours of operation and amenities.

I reserved my day at The LAB Miami by using one Deskpass credit. When the booking is complete, the app sends a reminder to check-in within 24 hours of arrival. Once I checked in, I was able to review space specific information, such as the cancellation policy, seating, map directions, contact info, and Deskpass rules. Upon my arrival, Tami, the Member Service Coordinator, greeted me, gave me a tour before I went to work. The entire check-in experience was very smooth, and the staff at the LAB Miami know how to welcome new coworkers.


The coworking space offers at least 50 hot seats, a printing station, and numerous lounge areas. I found the adjustable desk chairs to be very comfortable. In addition to the ample cozy seating, there are multiple couches spread out over the coworking area. I happily took advantage of these couches to check emails and write messages in the middle of the day. I also had the chance to socialize with other members and hear about some business ideas, which was a huge bonus!


The amenities available at The LAB Miami were nothing less than exceptional. The LAB Miami offers 24/7 access and gated parking to its members, and it is pet-friendly. I had the good fortune of being greeted by a furry friend while I was working in the early morning hours. The atmosphere of this space, along with its amenities, elevated my productivity and put me in an overall good mood. Although I didn’t use them during my visit, the coworking space also boasts multiple phone booths, which are incredibly valuable to me as a service-based business owner.

In the kitchen area, there was a refrigerator, a microwave and a fully stocked drink bar complete with two espresso machines and a cold tap brew. As an espresso fanatic, I was incredibly pleased that their espresso was smooth and fresh tasting. In addition to the drink selection, there was a sizable amount of snacks available for purchase. Given how busy my schedule can get, I depend on having snacking options available to me, and this coworking space didn’t disappoint.


Day and monthly passes are available if you’re thinking about making The LAB Miami your permanent coworking home. The day pass costs $25, and only debit or credit cards are accepted. Monthly coworking memberships begin at $150 for part-time and $300 for full-time, with discounts available for students and non-profits. Every membership includes a dedicated mailbox and use of the business address, and with all of the benefits that The LAB Miami provides, I think it is well worth the $300 per month for full-time coworking.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think that The LAB Miami was my favorite coworking space in Miami. I like how they offer the right balance of workspace, community, and amenities. I also like how they make themselves available to casual or new coworkers through the Deskpass app. I think that this policy of openness does great things in terms of building community and improving the coworking experience. If you plan to cowork in Miami, be sure to give The LAB Miami a try!

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