A lot of us continue to be off the road or pivoting vacation plans. This means a lot of our spending is changing, along with the bonus categories credit card companies are offering. Some of the first to announce category updates last spring have already changed them up. Do you know what’s best to keep in your wallet through COVID-19?

Miles to Go Ep. 137 – Credit Card Strategy Check-Up During Quarantine

This week on Miles to Go, Ed is joined by Sarah Silbert of Business Insider to go over everything you need to know regarding credit card bonus category changes. In addition to that great interview, Ed shares the latest travel news with these hot topics:

The Big 3 airlines quickly eliminated change fees this week.

Delta is adding hand sanitizer dispensers to their entire fleet.

Hyatt’s new “Work From Hyatt” program, discounted room rates and free perks!

IHG losing a number of really nice hotels.

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