Quarantining can sometimes make healthy eating kind of difficult. And some of us are sick of the redundancy that comes from cooking the same recipes. The delivery meal kit service, Sun Basket, can supply you with organic produce, clean ingredients, and a plethora of meal kit recipes. And right now, you can earn AAdvantage miles with Sun Basket. Give it a try! Cook something healthy and delicious up, and earn 3700 AAdvantage miles while you’re at it!

3 examples of sun basket meals

The Deal: Earn 3700 Miles with Your First Sun Basket Order

You can earn 3700 AAdvantage miles with Sun Basket. Choose from a wide selection of dietitian-approved recipes that are perfect for breakfast, lunch and yummy snacks. Upon subscribing, you have the option to cancel and/or skip a basket at any time. In addition, you’ll receive $35 off of your first order.

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Terms & conditions

Please be sure to check out AAdvantage’s terms & conditions for the most up to date details related to these offers:

Program Terms for All Transactions: Transactions are not eligible for miles on purchases made with coupons or discount codes that are not found on the AAdvantage eShoppingSM site. Prices, offers and mile earning rates are subject to change. Please check specific merchant restrictions and terms and conditions on the AAdvantage eShoppingSM site to determine specific offer requirements and/or if purchases of gift cards, certificates, or other cash equivalents are eligible for miles.

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