DEAL: Trade Your Hertz Points for 3x United Miles

WOAH. Hertz’s latest promotion lets you transfer your Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points for 3x United MileagePlus miles! Until 10/31/19 you can trade up any of those left over Hertz points you might have.

Transferring Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points to United MileagePlus Miles

When Hertz updated their redemption rates earlier this year (with no notice) there were a lot of travel grumps. Sure, there are some ways to find great value when redeeming your Hertz points. However, based on how much you have to spend to earn those points I’ve always opted to credit my rentals to United MileagePlus.

Last year I earned 173,250 United miles just from renting Hertz cars. I find far more value earning miles than points. Especially now when a single free day is likely to cost you 1,500 points (that’s ~$1500 in spend!). If you don’t credit your earning to a partner program at time of rental, transferring points can be a painful process.

You must transfer them in amounts of 600. For 600 Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points, you’d only get 500 airline miles. The exception being 1,200 Southwest Rapid Rewards points. For hotels, you’d get 1,000 points for both IHG and Marriott programs. Just remember it may take up to 8 weeks to transfer.

3x Bonus Transfer Promotion

So, that’s why I got super excited to see that there’s a chance to get 1,500 United MileagePlus miles for only 600 Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points. (Rather than the typical 500.) While I almost ALWAYS will take advantage of the United bonus promotion, there have been two rentals where they didn’t apply (international).

No matter the strategy for using Hertz points, I’ve just never found the value to be worth more than what I earn in miles (rather than points). So now, I’ve been sitting on 1183 Hertz points. It’s been driving me nuts since it wouldn’t even get me one free day, but now at the very least I can do a short (and cheap) one day rental to get to 1200 points. After which I’ll be turning them into 3,000 United miles!

It’s easy to do!

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