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Do you want to find out what makes the digital nomad lifestlye so great? Or maybe you already are one? Either way, take some time to read up on how digital nomads are some of the few people tolerating quarantine with ease. You’ll be amazed by the number of skills digital nomads have that contributes to this.

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Have you been having to work from home with a special new coworker? It can be hard to adjust to a new work environment, especially if you weren’t prepared for your one and only coworker to be your significant other. This may very well be your new normal for awhile. So here are 6 tips from Real Simple to help make working with that significant other as enjoyable as possible.

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Don’t lose your motivation! You may not be used to working remotely and even for those who are, in the midst of these difficult times it can be hard to keep going – especially when it comes to your work. Here are 87 uplifting quotes that you should keep in mind whenever you’re just not feeling it.

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