The digital nomad lifestyle is an interesting and riveting experience indeed.

Interested in taking part in an international relocation program? These remote work incentive programs are currently happening in countries around the world like Estonia, Bermuda, the Bahamas, Georgia, Jamaica, and more.

Many Americans have began to take advantage of these programs. And so far so good it seems. So good that some aren’t interested in leaving or returning home anytime soon. 

It seems these relocation programs have turned those participating into full blown digital nomads. But who can blame them, when you get to wake up in a place like Bermuda every day for a whole year. 


Working Remotely Within the US

If you’re not interested in working remotely outside of the US, you too can still experience the digital nomad lifestyle.

There are programs in cities around the US with money incentives for simply relocating to another state and working remotely there. These states include Oklahoma, Kansas, and Georgia.

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