From fires in the West to Hurricane Laura in the South, many Americans have experienced terrible loss as a result of natural disasters. With a pandemic impacting the world currently, a natural disaster is the last thing anyone should be facing right now. But it helps when other people can help those who are suffering. 

Donations to the Red Cross’ Disaster Relief Program is a way to help those experiencing the aftermath of these disasters. So American Airlines has partnered up with the Disaster Giving Program.

This partnership allows AAdvantage members to earn 10 AAdvantage miles for every dollar donated. This incentive is active until September 7th, 2020, but you can still continue to donate afterwards.

How You Can Start Donating

When you donate $25 or more to the Red Cross Disaster Relief, 10 AAdvantage miles are rewarded for every dollar donated. Just make sure you have an AAdvantage account  and the name tied to your donation must match the name on your AAdvantage account.

You can even choose a specific disaster program you would like to donate to. This is an awesome feature.

Other Ways to Donate

You can donate by mail or phone as well.

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