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Video Tour: ECO-SYSTM – San Francisco, CA

One of the reasons why we love coworking is because of how many different types of spaces there are! Today we’ve got a video tour of ECO-SYSTM in San Francisco, CA!

ECO-SYSTM – San Francisco, CA

Located smack dab next to the gorgeous, yet derailed Salesforce Transit Center, a block away from Salesforce Tower lies ECO-SYSTM, a “dynamic community of creative professionals, startups and freelancers.” Their mission is to provide top of the link workspace to support the collaboration of entertainment, creativity and business.

Zen Compound

There are a lot of different takes on “niche” coworking. There are spaces for lawyers, for drop-shippers and even coworking for cannabis! Taking the concept of niche to the next level, the brain-child of Paul Hemming, owner of Zen Compound, ECO-SYSTM is part of an “interactive cultural hub”. Its located in the same building (a former vacant warehouse) as Temple Nightclub, Mirus Art Gallery and Hive Coffee Bar. Zen Compound is describes Hemming’s entertainment and business complex, offering people the ability to unwind and stimulate their senses in an all-inclusive 24/7 lifestyle ecosystem.

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