I’ve never met anyone who likes getting sick. Whether it be the flu or a cold, upset stomach or something more serious like an injury, it’s not fun. The only thing that makes it worse is when you’re on the road. If that’s not bad enough, being sick while traveling solo is something I wouldn’t wish on even my least favorite person.

It’s no secret that travel can take a number on your health. Depending on your lifestyle, medical history and predispositions and travel styles, these effects can be different for everyone. My issues are more GI related due to stress, long haul flights and limited food options. Proper planning, knowing my limits, and this one item I never leave home without keeps that in check.

An Immunity of Steel

Maybe it’s because I’m on nearly 100 flights a year, but *knocks on wood* I very rarely get sick. Going from 80 degrees in Mexico to 20 degrees in Chicago to 50 degrees in SF in a weeks time is par for the course…and should be a recipe for a sinus infection. But, until this week I’d gone 14 months without even a stuffy nose! 

Meanwhile I have friends who fly 2-3x a year and can’t seem to board a flight without contracting some kind of sinus or respiratory affliction. It’s a shame and no ones fault. Being 35k feet in the air only intensifies those symptoms and no one wants to lose time on vacation to being under the weather. 

No, I don’t use face masks (though I should have in India) and avoid hand sanitizer, unless necessary. Perhaps being surrounded by 100s of people in metal tubes on a weekly basis boosts one’s immunity? A daily regimen of B12, probiotics, and hot water with lemon in the morning is a favorite of mine. As well as my new #selfcare habit of IV treatments.

The “I’m Getting Sick Kit”

Over 5 years and 600,000 miles flown later, there’s only been two or three times where I thought death would have been better than how I was feeling. That time I hugged the porcelain throne for half a flight from FRA-IAD. Montezuma’s Revenge one trip to Puerto Vallarta. Discovering I had a severe mold allergy while living in Bali.

That’s how I came up with the “I’m Getting Sick Kit”. Traveling frequently (or constantly), life is full of quick 24-26 hr turn arounds home. You’ve got a limited amount of time to swap out clothes, do laundry, re-pack and maybe have a social life and see some friends. The last thing you want to do is waste time with shopping lists or searching the travel section of your local pharmacy.

It’s easy to dump out your suitcase and leave the pile for your return, but those piles easily add up. Needing a way to keep organized and be able to just grab what I need, swap in or out items and go, this kit is part of an organizational system designed by professional organizer, Jennifer Barc.

Retro 2016 United Airlines “BusinessFirst” amenity kit is my go to bag for the “I’m Getting Sick Kit”.

Curious as to what’s on my list? Check out the whole kit out here. Do you have a go to secret weapon for staying healthy or feeling better when you do get under the weather on the road? Tell us about them and we’ll feature your tips on an upcoming post!

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