Safe travel is very important to us here at Coworkaholic. Many have been wondering what to expect once it’s safe to travel again. Countries all over the world are prioritizing ways to safely reopen for travel. Some countries are continuously updating their requirements to keep the virus as contained as possible through self-isolation. Read on to learn more about what some countries have begun implementing to help get us traveling safely again!

The U.S.’s New Normal Travel Industry Guide

So no, it has not been determined that it’s undeniably safe to travel again. But a group of key players in the industry, along with an expert medical team, are working hard to make travel happen sooner than later. This non-profit organization made up of these individuals, has developed a collection of health and safety guidelines businesses in the industry are expected to follow.

Vienna International Airport COVID-19 On-Demand Testing

Austria has decided to make it possible for travelers to visit without having to undergo the country’s mandatory 14-day quarantine. The airport has acquired molecular biological COVID-19 testing that happens on-site for a fee of €190 (US$205.97). The results come back within a couple hours, and if they come back negative, visitors do not have to undergo quarantine. If you’re planning on traveling to Vienna, check here for the contact information to schedule an appointment for the test. We can’t wait to get back to Vienna and experience their award-winning coworking space again!

Hong Kong International Airport’s Robotic Cleaners

Hong Kong is the first in the world to begin using a full body disinfecting facility. This channel is able to take the temperature of the person who passes through it as well as apply antimicrobial coating – powerful enough to kill the virus on clothing and skin. Cleaning robots are also responsible for disinfecting the public areas of the airport. These are steps Hong Kong is taking to ensure optimal cleanliness in their airport.

Singapore is SG Clean

SG Clean is Singapore’s new official seal that is used to certify hotels and tourist attractions for cleanliness. This is Singapore’s initiative to help make both locals and visitors feel safe when choosing Singapore as a travel destination. This seal also enforces businesses adopt better hygiene methods and practices. Check out what the requirements are for businesses to be certified here.

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