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Hawaii Offers FREE Airfare for Remote Workers to Live There Temporarily

This is only the beginning, folks. If you can work from home, you can literally work from anywhere. So why not do so in Hawaiian paradise?

Why Local Governments Are Paying Remote Workers to Move

We’ve talked about states and cities such as Tulsa, OK that are paying remote workers up to $10,000 to move to their town. Others are also throwing in sweet perks like free coworking and e-bikes. Why? Simply put – remote workers are good for business…and the tax base.

Where in the past, local governments were focused on attracting tech companies and startups, they’ve finally realized that remote workers provide many of the same benefits. Without headaches such as wasted tax “incentives” and rental scooters polluting streets and sidewalks.

Though the program is marketing remote workers from across the United States, it’s also geared towards former Hawaii residents who want to return. One of which is Richard Matsui, who recently left SF to return to Hawaii. “As someone who was born and raised in Hawaii, I always dreamed of moving back home,” says Matsui, 35. “The pandemic normalized remote work, and I took the opportunity to relocate home.”

Hawaii Launches “Movers & Shakas” – a Temporary Residency Program

If you’re looking to test drive what it would be like to live in Hawaii, or are simply looking for a place to ride out the rest of the pandemic, this is a great solution. A temporary residency program known as “Movers & Shakas” has begun accepting its first group of applicants until December 15th. Movers & Shakas is an initiative to recruit and nurture talented professionals to help build a resilient economy.

“Movers and Shakas is a small step towards economic recovery and diversifying our economy,” says Jason Higa, the group’s founder. “The pandemic,” he said, “has normalized remote work for the foreseeable future, so we believe this situation presents an opportunity for local residents to return home, and for out of state professionals to experience Hawaii, not as tourists, but as contributing members of our community.”

Participants will be required to commit a few hours every week to volunteering at a nonprofit. With specific focus on matching them up based on need and unique knowledge and skills. “Beyond bringing in valuable dollars into our local businesses, the real value is bringing talented knowledge workers who will both help to build our communities through volunteer work and to make our economy more resilient,” Matsui said.

What You Need to Know

The first cohort will consist of fifty people. After which future applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. The only requirement? That you are a remote worker and at least 18 years old. Participants must move within one month of being selected and are required to spend no less than 30 days in Hawaii. This offer is limited to domestic U.S. workers and does not include any support for international work visas. Though, it says there are plans to do so in the future.

While your flight will be covered, there aren’t clear details on any other perks. The FAQ site simply says that participants will receive “significantly” discounted hotel stays, coworking space and “regular” community building activities.

Airline partners include:

  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • Alaska Airlines

Hotel partners include:

Coworking partners include:

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