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The London West Hollywood may be your new favorite spot for remote work. Hotels not only in America, but around the globe, have found a new way to make money in the midst of a global pandemic. Instead of relying on tourism, they’re now converting rooms into lovely and comfortable office spaces. With remote work becoming the future of a post pandemic world, this is an incredible opportunity for hotels. From strict cleaning protocols to in-suite kitchenettes, a hotel room may be the perfect space for a productive work day.

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We keep hearing different opinions in the news. Some say remote work is the new normal and some say there’s no way. So which is true? Maybe it doesn’t really matter. But here, at Coworkaholic, we find there are many things to love about working from home. From a business perspective, it makes the most sense. NPR also sees this as more of a permanent setup for the world of business.

And in case you need one more source for what we can learn from working this way, Forbes covers all of the points as to why working from home creates a positive experience.

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Here’s a summer travel trend for you – how about an RV road trip? We’ve mentioned road trips before and why you should make this your preferred way of travel this year. But a road trip with an RV is the icing on the cake! This is a fun and safe way to switch up the common road trip in the family’s SUV. Find out how you can locate the perfect RV for the perfect road trip across the nation this summer. 

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