Do you get more nauseous over the price of gas than the fumes while refilling your tank? I know I do. A car free millennial since 2012, I’ve had to drive more this year for client projects than I have in years past. While I’ve been able to score 2,750 United MileagePlus Miles for each and every Hertz rental (ps – that’s about to end), I got the feeling like maybe I wasn’t maximizing ways to earn on paying for gas.

Maximizing Your Everyday Spend

Sure I was earning a few United miles at BP…but I just knew there were better alternatives. That’s when I met Richard Kerr from AwardTravel 101 and he totally blew my mind with his awesome use of GasBuddy and Shell Fuel Rewards. I couldn’t believe it, but by changing some basic shopping habits, a little bit of research and stacking some programs he’s shaving off $100s of dollars off of his family’s gas spending this year.

I’m an active GasBuddy user because I’ll always drive about 10 min out of the way to save at least $0.10/gallon – anything beyond that and it’s probably not worth the time and money of driving there and back to your route. While I love earning 1% back using my PayPal for Business Debit Card (linked to my bank account) it took Richard’s number crunching to show me the error of my ways.

More Than Just Finding Cheap Gas

GasBuddy is more than just a way to find the cheapest gas: Did you know that if you “Pay with GasBuddy” you get a card linked to your bank account that offers you one of two ways to save. You can choose to either:

  • Get $0.30/gallon CASHBACK in Shop Your Way points for the first 60 days, followed by $0.15/gallon CASHBACK in points after that…
  • Or, get $0.10/gallon off your first fill up and $0.05/gallon after that

All you need to do is just link a bank account to your profile and they mail you a card to use at any pump or station – the discount is automatically applied!

Additionally, on top of scoring discounts for paying with your GasBuddy card, they also are offering a great service with benefits that rivals that of AAA. For just $89/year (regularly $99) you can upgrade to GasBuddy Premium:

  • Instead of just $0.10/gallon off on your first fill up, you can score $0.20/gallon off your first 40 gallons each month, after which you still save $0.05/gallon
  • AND you get 24 hr Road Side Assistance which includes:
    • Towing & Winching
    • Jump Starts
    • Lock Out Service
    • Flat Tires
    • Fuel Delivery

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