The unexpected outbreak of COVID-19 has undoubtedly disrupted our lives. For most people, their daily routines have switched to staying at home and work obligations have been switched to working from home. However, despite the availability to work from home, the job overwhelms never stopped. In fact, for most people, it increased. 

The never-ending deadlines at work, have precipitated stress and anxiety. Burnout and stress make employees uninspired and less productive. Unproductivity forces employees to work for long hours just to finish a small task. Which then leads to more tasks piling up and increasing the number of unmet deadlines.

The longer the working hours, the less time an employee has with family, and the lesser his/her likelihood of attaining the elusive work-life balance. So their families suffer, their social life crumbles, their career growth halts, and their entire life becomes a total meltdown. This can be very overwhelming.

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If you are feeling overwhelmed at work, how can you cope with the situation and get your productivity back?

The Power of Coworking

If you are a small business owner or a remote worker, you can reduce the feeling of overwhelm by working in a shared space. For example, finding a co-working space near you can help you become more productive so that you minimize your chances of getting overwhelmed.

You will find and be part of a community of professionals working in a coworking space. People who you can consult and exchange ideas with on how to achieve your goals without burning yourself out. You will be able to create a support system for yourself- a network- that will get you back in line whenever you cannot do it on your own.

There are many more ways of coping with the feeling of overwhelm at work. Here are a few more:

1. Complete a simple task

Maybe you are working on one big task and it is overwhelming you. Look for a task you can complete in less than an hour. That will make you feel like you are back in control.

Complete it in record time and do it so well that you amaze yourself. In the end, you will have completed a task, your moods will be high, and you will have re-energized in readiness for the overwhelming task.  

2. Create a plan and abide by it 

As much as you feel like you should spend every minute on your workday doing real work, it is actually more practical to spend a few minutes or an hour planning the day’s work. Write down what needs to be done for the day, which tasks need to be prioritized, how much time you need for each task, how you are going to tackle each task, and when you will take your breaks. Be as practical with the timelines as possible and don’t take on extra tasks in between your schedule unless necessary. 

When you have a plan, all you need to do is focus on the job and everything will come together nicely in the end. That is unlike when you have to jump from task to task unsure of what you’re focusing on now, what comes next, or whether you have time for it.

3. Share your struggles

This is another perk of working in a coworking space, you will never suffer in silence because there are other professionals with you. The people you are with most of the time have gone through the same struggles you are going through right now, so they understand you even before you say a word. You can count on their help.

If you need more resources to be more efficient, convince your bosses to give you those resources. That could be an assistant, a fast computer, or a better chair/desk- you name it!

4. Have an accountability partner

If you are unable to work productively because you cannot beat your social media addiction, get an accountability partner who will call you back to order authoritatively but respectfully. Find someone you trust and feel comfortable around, probably your favorite colleague or your significant other, and share with them about your goals, progress, and potential challenges. They will help you navigate the challenges and eventually help you achieve your goals.

5. Take regular breaks

If you’re feeling anxious about your work, sitting at your desk all day will make matters worse. Get out and walk to the park and back. Ask your partner to pick you up and go to a little more serene place for lunch. Just get out of the office for 30 minutes instead of wasting a whole day staring at the computer or the ceiling without getting any work done.

Final thought: Be active off-work

Ride a bicycle, even an e-bike if you are really tired to and from the office. Ditch the elevator and be climbing the stairs every day. Go to the gym as regularly as possible. Sign up for fitness programs, go for hikes with family and friends, and be active in the community. All these will help you stay fit and less susceptible to fatigue and overwhelm at work.

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