Freelancing on the road is a great way to combine work and travel, escaping the daily grind. Finding the perfect workspace whilst you’re away can be a challenge, however, as shared spaces in the perfect location, with the right amenities, and at the right price can be hard to come by. Figuring out exactly what you need and which questions to ask of a space is the only way to find a workspace that works for you. This guide will help you know what you’re looking for.

Figure Out The Essentials

The first step to finding the best coworking space is to identify what the basic requirements for a workspace are for you. Once you know what’s an essential need and what can be an added bonus, you’ll be one step closer to the perfect coworking space. Do you require a private workstation or are you more productive in an open planned space? Do you need a space for conference calls, or can you work in a busy environment? Once you have articulated your needs to yourself, you’ll know the right questions to ask of any coworking space.

Location, Location, Location

When you know you’re going to be traveling you can start building an itinerary by exploring the coworking spaces in the cities you’ll be going through.

“Occasionally you may need to fit your travel plans around your coworking needs, as it does still happen, albeit rarely, that a city lacks an appropriate space. ”

Esme Johnson, business writer at BritStudent and NextCoursework

Unless you’re driving you’ll want to explore the transport links for any given coworking space. Accessibility is all the more important if you’ll be meeting customers or clients in the space.

A Question Of Timing

Most coworking spaces understand that their clients need flexibility above all else. This is one of the reasons they’ve chosen the lifestyle that they’re in. You need a coworking space that’s as flexible as you are. So make sure the space you’re choosing is open at the times you find yourself working. Often these shared spaces operate a 24/7 policy which gives you maximum room to maneuver, but sometimes you’ll discover that they restrict working times to the traditional 9-5 or close their doors on weekends.

Style Of Office

The working habits of freelancers rarely fit any particular pattern as these people have developed their own unique working style. You’re going to need to make sure you pick a shared office space that suits the style with which you work. Whether your work entails individual concentration or group meetings, busy brainstorming sessions or isolated focus, the coworking space needs to suit the way you work. Finding somewhere that has a balance of personal workstations and meeting room space ensures that you won’t be bouncing off the walls.

All The Amenities

Some coworking spaces will contain coffee bars, games rooms and lounge space where you can unwind in between demanding tasks.

“Although some of us feel that we can focus better and find our flow in an austere environment, others find that a well-equipped office space allows them to balance working with breaks in concentration that generates better productivity.”

Johnnie Belanger, marketer at 1Day2Write and Write My X

Finding a space that suits your working habits whilst encouraging healthy breaks is the best way to be productive whilst travelling. And whilst you might prefer a minimalist office, never skimp on the basics that let you get your work done. Printing facilities and internet connection are essentials no matter where you are.

Community Feel

Finding a coworking space that feels like home the minute you step through the door is about more than great amenities and the right office style. Figuring out what community is using the space is just as important to how you’re going to be working there. Are they digital nomads or remote workers? This can be especially important if networking on the road is integral to your business model.

To Fit A Budget

Lastly, price is always an important consideration as coworking spaces can often command varying rates based on facility, location and amenities. Shop around before you commit to a space. You never know if there’s a good deal just around the corner.

Clocking Off

The freelance lifestyle offers ultimate flexibility, but only if you can find the right space to get your work done. Following this guide will let you find the perfect space whilst on the road.

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