The holidays are big business. Some countries depend heavily on the tourism industry. It’s no wonder because everyone needs a break from normal life. People want something to look forward to – something tailor-made for their desires and interests, and to return rested and refreshed. The reality can sometimes be otherwise, however, due to squabbling kids, having building work at the hotel, drunken holiday makers, or sickness. This article is designed to help you maximize your holiday experience.

Choose the most suitable vacation

This is harder when there is more than one person! Spouses can have very different interests. The husband may just want to crash on the beach while the wife wants to go shopping and travel. If there are children too, their interests are crucial for the holiday to be a success. Places like Disneyland are top of the tree for most kids, but not everyone can afford these destinations. 

A couple may love to snuggle up in a farmhouse or wooden cabin. Others may want to go skiing and spend the whole time outdoors. It was interesting to see these rental options in Florida because the experts said that beach houses can be most suitable for large groups or people who want lots of space. They are usually family-friendly too, so beach houses are a viable choice when two or more families are traveling together. 

Plan in advance

A large part of receiving gifts or having exciting experiences is the anticipation. Planning in advance helps fuel this. 

Last-minute packing is never a good idea. It’s easy for busy people to do this, but usually involves people staying up really late the night before they travel. That means they’re already tired on day one of the experience. 

It’s well worth researching the holiday in advance. It will be easier to pack the essentials and to be dressed for the climate. This is even more important if there are special medical or dietary needs among travellers. Preparation also means it’s less stressful on arrival. You know where to go and how much currency to have, and are better placed for planning your days. 

Be wise regarding work

Prepare for your absence as early as possible. That’ll give the maximum time to clear most of your work before going away. There’s nothing worse than arriving back at work feeling refreshed and rested, only to discover a pile of work sitting on the desk. You almost feel punished for being away. Delegating work while you are away can be an absolute plus. That means people are covering your absence and most of your work will be done and dusted before you return. 

The word ‘boundaries’ is key in relationships, and it’s key as regards holidays. With the popularity of mobile phones, it’s easy to sit reading work emails on the beach. Such things should be totally avoided. The same goes for social media and the latest gossip at home. It’s nice to have a set of days where one is totally unavailable – and for good reason too.

holiday experience near the water

Have more holidays

Lots of people prefer to have two or three breaks during the year to look forward to, rather than just one. Planning the next one immediately you return home can be very therapeutic too!

This has to be balanced with the fact that two-week vacations may benefit people more than one-week vacations. That’s because they usually spend the first week unwinding and switching off from everything at home. Some people find that one week is simply not enough. 

Be flexible

Anyone who feels they spend most of their life chasing the clock and meeting deadlines will value a more relaxed timetable on holiday. Why not enjoy the journey rather than the destination? If the kids are happy in one place, why rush them on to the next?

Spontaneity can be very good for our mental health, so it’s great when people discover a surprise destination on holiday, and recalibrate their plans around it. 

If a holiday is too pre-planned and rigid, there may be little time for actual relaxation. To return from holiday feeling one needs another holiday is surely a home goal. How one feels on holiday is more important than how much is done. 

Holidays can take a lot of money and a lot of time to organize. It can be stressful, particularly when it’s a foreign country. Having said that, it can be the highlight of the year when everything pays off. Few things can match finding the perfect destination and activities, and doing new things. Switching off from work and everyday life can be a welcome relief. Bringing excitement into the break makes it new and alive. Planning more than one holiday a year can break the year down into manageable chunks.

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