How To Travel & Work Around The World for (Almost) Free!

Tis the dream of many, right? To travel and explore the world (for free) or for as cheap as possible. I don’t know about you, but there’s very few travel giveaways (read: any) that I won’t submit my email address for. Digital Nomads or “Location Independent Professionals” are people who have decided to live that travel life…while still making a living. Thanks in part to awesome coworking spaces in tropical paradises like Onion Collective in Bali or the ever growing Selina brand.

Don’t Be “THOSE” People…Begging For Money To Travel The World

It’s not that easy, however. Many assume that you just wake up one day to live a “laptop life”. That with a snap of your fingers you’re working poolside drinking out of coconuts. Au contraire, it’s quite the opposite. Sure you can do like I did and just up and quit your job with a hope and a prayer that you’ll find a contract gig. Having done that, I’d recommend researching what the remote work life is all about. Read books, watch YouTube channels or maybe attend an event like Nomad Summit.

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Start a side hustle and work towards your goal. Once you get there you’ll be far more prepared to shift into a sustainable digital nomad lifestyle. Sure, it’s a lot cheaper to live in Bali or Cambodia but you still need money. Location independent folks get a bad rap thanks to more and more westerners who are “begpacking” to fund their travels around the world.

Traveling The World is More Than Just Cheap Plane Tickets

Transportation, be it by train, plane or automobile is just one part of the costs associated with living around the world. Now, more than ever, it’s increasing affordable to fly on low cost carriers like Norwegian Air. There’s also discounted train passes or cheap buses. What happens though when you need to stay somewhere or want to work out of a coworking space? These expenses can quickly add up, even in developing countries where the cost of living is quite manageable. That’s where the new app Galaxy Unite comes in.

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Travel. Work. Trade. With Galaxy Unite

Just this week I stumbled across an awesome app/web platform that allows you to “Do What You Love…From Anywhere in the World.” How you ask? By connecting talented digital nomads and remote workers with coliving hotels, farms, retreats and coworking spaces all over. The idea isn’t new, but work trade can easily be written off as nothing more than a glorified internship. What Galaxy Unite does is help connect spaces and individuals with meaningful work opportunities.

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You’re not just limited to “hard labor”. Beyond physical work, there are plenty of hotels, coliving and coworking spaces looking for help with professional needs. They may need help with building their app, updating a finance plan, creating content or if you prefer – hospitality staffing.

Founder, Ashley Johnson, created Galaxy Unite because she “believes we need a more inspiring way of working that unites cultures. Freelancing means having the freedom to work where you want, when you want and how you want. Galaxy Unite connects freelancers with inspirational communities.”

How It Works

If you’re looking to travel the world while spending as little as possible, it’s as easy as creating a dating app profile. Add your information, your skill sets and when you’re looking to travel and you can immediately start searching for current openings. Spaces such as Outpost in Cambodia, Coalition Space in Chicago and Otaf Charonne in Paris represent the wide variety of opportunities available.

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Current needs include: app developers, yoga teachers, customer service reps, community managers and translators. To be a nomad member of Galaxy Unite is free. Join today and start planning how you’ll escape your 9-5 and travel the world for (almost) free!

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