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In Memoriam: Matija Raos 1984-2018

RIP Matija Raos, 1984-2018

On Sunday, August 26th, 2018, Matija Raos, passed away peacefully after a hard fought battle with cancer. Beyond being a founding member of the European Freelance Movement and the leader of Coworking Croatia, he was also a good friend to many.


When news of his diagnosis was first shared last year, a crowdfunding page established to help cover his pending medical bills exceeded it’s goal in record breaking speed, just one symbol of the global impact this young man left on anyone he met.

Matija said: “What I learned from all of this is that we too often run through life without appreciating our loved ones and small things focusing on work and survival. Don’t take life too seriously and no matter what enjoy your every breath, bite, conversation, smile, kiss, dance…”


The global coworking community mourns his loss and our condolences go out to his family and friends. Social media posts with #LOVEMATIJA began appearing as many shared their memories of this remarkable individual.

The team behind European Freelancers Week has established loveMatija, a website so as to have a place where those who knew and loved him could share their memories of him and stories of how many lives he changed and touched.

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