Fellow Coworkaholics can testify that coworking happens anywhere and everywhere. If you’re a mobile worker or digital nomad you might “cowork” in an airport lounge, a hotel lobby or perhaps, even a comedy club. No matter the space, whether it has all the bells and whistles of posh furniture & luxury amenities or is made up of mix matched Ikea furniture, coworking magic happens wherever the people are. That is as long as there’s good WiFi (and coffee).

Getting Some Fresh Air

For those who like to get some fresh air during the workday, a lot of spaces provide patios or perhaps extend their WiFi to common outdoor areas adjacent to their buildings. It’s nice to get out of the office and enjoy pleasant weather, especially if local warm weather seasons are short (says this Chicago resident).

There have been initiatives like the “outdoor” pop-up coworking area in a London park way back in 2015 and we are seeing the growth of more programs, events and retreats like Coconat and Coworkation. Well, this summer, L.L. Bean (yeah – that company with the famous boots)has partnered up with Industrious to bring coworking to the great outdoors in a bigger way.

Backed by some pretty impressive data, L.L. Bean is advocating (quite smartly, might we add) the benefits of incorporating outdoor time into your work routine. From a survey they conducted, 86% of people said they wanted to spend more time outside during the workday. Paired with results from a Stanford study, participants who walked outside just 15 minutes came up with 3x the ideas compared to those who were indoors…a 300% increase!

Be an Outsider

Be an Outsider (the logo which was creatively designed with focus on the “Be an”), is a summer long campaign with the intention of bringing awareness to the benefits of spending some work time and activities outdoors. In addition to hosting coworking pop ups in NYC, Boston, Philly and Madison, WI, L.L. Bean has also created a micro-site with tips and a handbook with activity recommendations.

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