Coworkaholic Travel

If you’ve traveled in the last few months, you probably noticed the lack of amenities airports have due to the coronavirus. Well, as more states reopen, travel is starting to reopen too. And that means access to airport lounges again.

The last time Mike visited DFW International Airport, he checked out Minute Suites and enjoyed it thoroughly. If you travel through the Dallas-Fort Worth, Philadelphia, Charlotte, and Atlanta airports in the near future, you’ll be able to check it out too! The Minute Suites have reopened and are implementing stricter cleaning protocols. They’re calling themselves “one of the cleanest places in the airport.” 

Coworkaholic Hustle

If you’ve been applying to every job opening you see, and not seeing the results you’re looking for, you may want to rethink your strategy. From specific changes to your resume to the approach you take during the job search. There are ways to get you the job you want even in the midst of a pandemic. Real Simple has some crucial advice from 5 experts to help you land that job.

Coworkaholic Collaboration

It’s what draws people to the concept of coworking in the first place – collaboration. So how can we continue to collaborate post-pandemic? Coworking is obviously going to look very different from what it once was. But we believe that coworking matters even more in the post-pandemic world.

Remote work is becoming the new and improved way to work. And while most of us are having to work remotely from home, as coworking spaces begin to reopen, we’ll have the opportunity to work in safe, clean, and inviting spaces other than home.

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