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My Coworking & Travel Resolutions for 2021

2020 is over. Gone. Finished. Farewell – goodbye and good riddance. Closed the chapter – actually the book. I thought about doing a travel recap for 2020 and then laughed, poured myself a drink and went back to floating in the pool. What was there to recap? Only 1 trip abroad, 7 flights and less than 25 nights in a hotel. Not much to review and way less than 2019.

Alive & Quite Well

Maybe this was all a sign? I did title my 2019 travel recap “Alive…But Not Well”, after all. I was constantly tired. Jetlagged. Had put on more travel weight and was struggling to keep connected with my friends at home, because I was never…home.

Faced with spending a full year in lockdown in Chicago (focus on the fall and winter), I picked up and moved to Orlando to enjoy the sun, get my new dog some more space (and occasionally – safely – visit Disney World). I also had the “opportunity” to take off six months – thanks to corporate America layoffs and my project getting shut down. Hard to promote coworking to enterprise businesses when everyone is working at home.

Why I’m Excited for 2021

I’m excited for 2021 for more reasons than the fact that at least it’s not 2020. I’m looking forward to taking a trip at the end of the year (after getting a COVID vaccine) – one that is not for work, but for leisure. You see – whenever you travel abroad and immigration says “Business or pleasure?”, 9.5 times out of 10 I’d say “business”.

Business travel is great if you’re looking to rack up points and miles, but it doesn’t offer a lot of time for sightseeing. I’ve had the chance to travel the world, but not see everything I’d wanted to. That in itself is a first world problem, but also a shame.

I’m actually planning a trip for myself and a special someone (as a surprise) and I can’t wait to travel to travel, rather than to work. It will be nice to have more leisure trips than work trips in this new year.

Moar Coworking

I’m also looking forward to going back to coworking spaces. It’s actually quite safe to work out of a coworking space – if you do it right. We’re talking mask wearing and proper distancing. I’ve cut back a lot though, cause I did move to a more remote location that isn’t exactly super close to a flex workspace.

It’s plenty nice to have a home office, but I am missing the magic of a coworking space. A nice commute, chatting with folks, productivity and motivation, etc. There are a few coworking spaces I plan on spending more time at this year as soon as we can get through this spike in the spread of the virus.

Make Resolutions Great Again

Well, those are my 2021 travel and coworking resolutions. I’m looking forward to the new start of this year and to not having to think about how horrible 2020 was ever again.

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