Back in the day when we used to all travel (remember those days?) I used to fill gas up in a lot of rental cars. I wasn’t spending a lot of my own money, but still wanted to be sure I was getting some perks/points!

Well, then along came COVID-19 and my travel came to halt. I also am not super keen on using ride share right now. This led me to purchasing a car last month. Something this Coworkaholic didn’t think he’d do (maybe) ever. Now that I’m spending money on my car and gas, you best believe I’m looking for new ways to earn.

I used to prefer earning United MileagePlus miles through a partnership with BP because those stations were closest to ORD. Then, I met Richard Kerr from The Points Guy and he blew my mind on how to Shell Fuel Rewards.

Shell Fuel Rewards

This is probably the best gas loyalty program out there. Time and again they announce legit offers with partners such as T-Mobile, Dunkin’ Donuts along with a slew of others. I will quickly admit, that I have not maximized this program for myself because there is a LOT that goes into it.

For a deep dive on Shell Fuel Rewards (in the US) check out this episode of Miles to Go:

There are SO many ways for you to stack that program – it’s mind boggling. But, Richard proves that it really works:

This is just applicable for the US program. If you’re looking for info on Shell Gas credit cards in Europe, be sure to check out iCompario.

Other Ways to Maximize Your Perks & Points on Car Expenses

When it comes to gas credit cards, each issuer (Chase, AMEX, Citi, Bank of America, etc) all have a card in their portfolio that earns you bonus points on gas purchases. But, sometimes gas prices vary widely. It doesn’t necessarily make sense to spend 20 or 30 cents more per gallon only to earn 1 or 2 bonus points per dollar spent.

Earning perks and points through gas spend is just one way that you can maximize earning on car expenses. For example, you want to check out shopping portals and gift card portals, such as MileagePlus X. There, I earn 5 miles per $ on Jiffy Lube gift cards.

There are also apps out there like GasBuddy and GetUpside that work like rebate programs where you upload for receipt to get paid back or can earn points to cash in on a variety of purchases at gas stations and convenience stores.

What’s your favorite stack/rewards hack for earning money you spend on car expenses and gas?

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