Traveler’s Tummy can strike anytime. We’ve worked up a list of ways to keep your gut normal and happy. Why? Because no one wants to deal with bloating on a long haul flight. Meet your new favorite travel item: The PortaSquatty!

Chronic “Traveler’s Tummy”: The Struggle is Real

It’s normal to anticipate getting Traveler’s Tummy for a day or two while on vacation or infrequent travel. But, what about when you’re on a plane 40+ weeks a year? ???

Besides germs and bacteria from the airport, plane or perhaps a water source, a simple change to your normal routine can be enough to set it off. It’s hard to stay healthy, let alone regular ??? while on the go!

You dehydrate quicker, retain fluid and your digestive system actually shuts down when you’re at cruising altitude!

That Rainbow Pooping Unicorn

If you’re not familiar with the original SquattyPotty, you probably haven’t been on social media…ever. So chances are if you’re on this site you’ve seen this masterpiece of advertising brilliance:

Β Yes, it works just as advertised.

Carry-On Size = ✈️ ???

The original is still where it’s at. Only problem was it’s size! That’s where it’s slimmer, foldable brethren comes into play. Having the ability to fold it up and slide it into the front pocket of my carry on, makes my heart skip a beat!

IMHO, it pays for itself after your first use. #TMI #yourewelcome

Plus, it beats having to ask housekeeping or your Airbnb host for extra rolls of toilet paper to step on. #truestory What are you waiting for? Sweet, sweet travel relief is but only a click & 2-day delivery away!

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