Sarah Sadie – Odonata Creative

Meet Sarah Sadie of Odonata Creative. A member of Matrix Coworking in Madison, WI.

What are you currently working on?

My work as a creativity coach is all about connecting–whether that is in 1:1 coaching sessions, classes, workshops, or casual conversations over coffee. I help women and men find time and space for creative breakthroughs, and help people recognize how to trust how it feels to know intuitively they are on the right track. Currently, I’m developing an offering for women writers at Matrix, to find support and community as we work on our own projects. I’m also bringing Qoya dance to Madison this fall and building a community around Qoya. Exploring the intersections of Qoya, writing, and more generally creativity and community is the forest I play in.

Why do you like coworking, how does working out of a coworking space benefit you?

I work from home some days, like many people. I find that having a space to connect in person to others is really important to my own development. Bouncing ideas around, sharing questions, coming up with possible collaborations…a coworking environment makes this so much easier. Matrix in particular has a focus on creativity and the arts that is completely aligned with my work. I use the movement room regularly, as well as the living room, the Artspace, and the corner office, and when I need quiet and space, my own “wee green dreams room” back in the far corner.

What is one interesting thing about you? Or maybe a “secret skill” you have?

I have no interesting secrets, alas. It is true I bake amazing coconut macaroons. Dipped in chocolate. Because everything is better dipped in chocolate.

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