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Getting on the Road for the Music and Other Impressions from Four Different Continents with Creative Director EJ Hall

In this episode of the podcast, EJ Hall, a creative director of an advertising agency in Columbus, Ohio shares his impressions from traveling across four continents. Topics include the band that first inspired him to get on the road, going on a service trip to Tanzania, falling in love with Paris , and even discussing the future of China’s social system.

Covered in this episode:

  • How you can discover traveling through music (you’ll have to listen to find out about the band that inspired EJ)
  • The beauty of AirBnB experiences
  • Getting separated from his family on his first trip to Africa and living to tell the tale
  • Falling in love with food and art even more in Paris
  • Why Tokyo has brought him back three times now

Show Notes

EJ’s online portfolio

EJ’s Instagram

Learn more about the Angel House Orphanage  in Tarime, Tanzania and how you can donate

EJ’s Packing Tips

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