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Hitchhiking in Japan and Why Traveling Alone Is Good for You with Alex Faress

In this episode of the podcast, Alex Faress shares how after practicing judo for several years, he decided to travel to Japan all alone! After this life changing adventure, he decided to return one year later with a goal to stay for at least a year. Five years later, Alex is still living in Tokyo (living the dream) and a life that has changed dramatically. Not to mention what it’s like to hitchhike in Japan!

Covered in this episode:

  • Why traveling alone is good for you
  • What it’s really like to hitchhike in Japan
  • How to make a life in a new country at a young age
  • How Alex met his wife (in a way that might work for you too?)
  • Getting e-residency in Estonia

Show Notes

Wasabinotabi – Check out Alex’s Adorable Dog Wasabi on Instagram

Alex’s Personal Instagram

Alex’s Packing Tips

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