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Lesson 18: Taking Your Pleasure Seriously at Home and Abroad with Carlota Braun

In this episode of the podcast, I talk with graphic designer Carlota Braun about her experiences traveling in Europe and the USA before she decided to leave her desk job in her hometown of Cordoba, Argentina and….STAY in her hometown as a freelancer on her own terms. By learning to take pleasure in her everyday moments and becoming an active part of her creative community, Carlota has learned how to feel truly happy in the hometown that she so often dreamed of escaping for more travel adventures.

Covered in this episode:

  • How podcast host Becky and Carlota met in Portugal (negative travel experiences can still lead to making great friends on the road)
  • The Danish concept of “hygge” and why Denmark is Carlota’s favorite country in Europe
  • How to find peace with living in your hometown
  • Using your existing community to help you design a life that doesn’t have to be living the 9–5 every day
  • Why travel is a great self-confidence builder

Meet Carlota

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Learn more about the Danish concept of hygge

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