What does travel have to teach us? How does travel change us? Join host Becky Gillespie as she dives into these questions and shares travel stories from the road. The School of Travels is not just a podcast but a community where listeners can share their travel stories and get tips from fellow listeners in “The School of Travels” Facebook community.

Episode #3: Finding Love & Traveling Around the World for Free

In this episode of the podcast, we talk with location independent travelers Briana and John, who share their separate stories of how travel has shaped them and then ultimately led them to each other. Briana and John also share some fantastic tips on housesitting, which gives travelers the chance to live around the world for free. They also go deep into essential items that they always bring with them on the road and the difference between traveling with a partner and traveling alone.  

Covered in this episode:

  • Briana and John’s travel background—both come from the same state in the US and lived in New York City in the city but didn’t meet until they started living on the road
  • Transitioning from being a computer programmer in your home country to doing it while being location independent
  • How learning a foreign language in high school can broaden your travel horizons
  • Being location independent in your home country (you don’t have to necessarily stay in your home town)
  • How Briana and John met while traveling on the road
  • How traveling solo can teach you to feel more comfortable with being lonely
  • The difference between traveling solo and traveling with a partner
  • John and Briana’s packing tips and where they’re going next

Show Notes

Briana on Twitter & Instagram

John on Twitter & Instagram

Trusted Housesitters

Nomad Soulmates

TED Talks

Briana & John’s Packing List & Tips

The School of Travels Podcast

The School of Travels podcast interviews people in many different stages of their travel experience from taking their first trips outside of their hometowns to digital nomads who travel continuously. The series asks questions like: What inspires us to travel in the first place? Have a travel story that you’d like to share? Share it in the Facebook community or submit your story to The School of Travels!

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