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Lesson 19: Staying Put and Growing Your Dreams into Reality with Digital Marketing Director Alejandro Vasquez

In this episode of the podcast, I talk with the founder and digital marketing director of Thinklab. Alejandro Vasquez shares his beliefs that staying put in one place is the best way to build your big dreams into reality. While Alejandro admits that travel is important for getting new insights, he is passionate about the idea that staying in one place to grow your ideas and network is essential for long-term professional success. Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Alejandro talks about moving to Buenos Aires, Argentina. We discuss building his online business and what he loves about this late-night loving city. He also offers inspiring words for people thinking about starting their own projects who haven’t yet had the courage to start. Tune in for Part 3 of my Argentina interview series with Alejandro.

Covered in this episode:

  • Why Alejandro moved to Buenos Aires and what he loves about the city
  • Why staying put and building your network is the key to building a bigger business
  • Tips for getting started and taking action to make your dreams into reality

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It makes sense. I’ve always heard that it takes at least 5-6 years at one place to really build up your network.