Coworking Video Tour: Second Shift – Chicago, IL

One of the reasons why we love coworking is because of how many different types of spaces there are! Today we’ve got a video tour of Second Shift in Chicago, IL!

Second Shift – More Than Just Coworking…

When I was living in Chicago, my “home” coworking space the The Shift (now Human Citizen Workplace). It’s one of my all time favorite spaces because of the neighborhood sense of community. Founder Nicole Vasquez named it The Shift to represent the way people could shift from side hustle to full time entrepreneurship. Also, because more and more people are shifting into remote work.

Regularly named one of the best coworking spaces in Chicago, Nicole was approached by her friend Levi Baer to open a second location – this time aptly named Second Shift. They make for a dynamic duo as Second Shift was named The Best Coworking Space in Chicago their very first year! Two years later, they are regularly on “best of” lists. Here’s a tour of the space on their very first day!

This video was first posted on Coworkaholic’s Facebook Page. We visited this space as part of the QTLY Tour in 2017.

Community & Connections

The community that Second Shift has built and curated is so amazing. The minute you walk into their space, you know it’s not just a workspace. From their fun and quirky daily trivia questions, to folks always chatting in the kitchen over lunch, Second Shift is proof that coworking is more than just WiFi and a desk.

It’s where I met a member of the space, Patti Flynn, who shared with me her amazing story of transition. Being a part of Second Shift helped her not only transition from being in a family business for 25+ years to starting her own company. It also played a role in her coming out as a transgender woman.

Booking a Visit at Second Shift on Deskpass

Second Shift’s co-founder Nicole is also one of the co-founders of Deskpass. If you aren’t in need of a full time membership but find yourself in need of a place to work in the super trendy Logan Square neighborhood, Deskpass is the answer! You can book a day pass for a desk or even rent out one of their meeting rooms easily on the app!

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