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Six Reasons NOT to Work From Bali!

When you’re working remotely, it’s difficult not to think about the possibility of sun, sand and a drink in your hand. Gone are the days of being stuck in the grey old office. Annoying coworkers, a broken coffee machine and overbearing bosses are fortunately all a thing of the past! I’ve been there and done it myself. So, when you’re thinking about your next adventure whilst working remotely, why not have a think about Bali? It’s got it all! Cheap living costs, an amazing quality of life and tropical weather could all be yours. Or could it? Who knows… maybe Bali isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Whilst it may be a remote working paradise for some, you should really take some of these things into consideration before making the leap.

The Weather…So Good But Yet So Bad

Coming from rainy old England, you would have thought that almost anywhere could be better than being back in Blighty. Well, unfortunately, you’re wrong! When in Bali, there’s nothing more I miss than the grey clouds and light drizzle that London so often brings to the table. With an average temperature of 27 ° C / 80 ° F, it can be fairly difficult to work. Who wants to type away at a laptop when there’s some serious heat going on outside?

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Back home I get twice as much work done because I don’t want to go outside and enjoy everything the sun has to offer. Perfect weather isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Give me rainy skies any day… or so I say. Even when it rains in Bali it’s too much. Too hot or too rainy… sorry, not for me!

Too Many Things To Do After Work – it’s Hard to Decide!

Trying to work when there are parties all around, amazing food to eat and culture to experience is just dreadful. In my opinion, you need to be somewhere dead boring to actually do some work. Trust me, if you want to work remotely then you’ll just hate Bali. Going to visit ancient Hindhu temples or the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary can really distract you from getting some solid graft done. 

It’s Just Too Cheap to Live There

From staying in Bali, I noticed one thing began to really get on my nerves. I would eat out, visit places and just generally have a great time. Then at the end of the month, there would still be money left in my bank account. Getting paid a European wage whilst living in a cheaper country just becomes such a drag. Any spare money I had left could now be spent on my student loans or that bit of money you end up owing to mates. I never wanted to pay that off… who does? It’s much easier to live somewhere more expensive and not even have the choice to pay off all those boring bills you may owe.

The Food Isn’t Boring

If you’re lucky enough to come from a country famous for its cuisine like mine (England), then you’ll have a hard time surviving in Bali. I love my food bland and tasteless. With lots of salt added. And maybe some ketchup.

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The complex flavors of Mie Goreng, Nasi Campur and Betutu probably just won’t cut it when you’re raised on a diet of fish and chips. You’ll also probably hate all the nutritious and colorful smoothie bowls! Stay well away.

The People Are Too Friendly

Picture this. You’re trying to finish your project and the deadline is approaching fast. You’ve been up all day long and you’re in the final hour. The last thing you need is a local trying to show you around or introduce you to some new food. It’s just not needed.

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It’s difficult to work with some of the most friendly and welcoming people in the world getting in the way of that all important submission. There are 4.2 million Balinese people there ready to interrupt with kindness… definitely not needed when working remote!

The Work-Life Balance Is Too Good

So one of the best perks about remote work is having an improved work-life balance. But have you ever thought that it can be too good? Trying to get your daily tasks in when lounging around the pool or on the beach is particularly difficult. It’s not easy explaining to your boss that you missed a deadline because the weather was too nice to stay inside for. With too many opportunities for an adventure, you’ll probably find yourself putting aside the laptop and picking up the surfboard more often than is good for you.

Still Crazy Enough To Think About Going?

So, after all this you still think you’d be able to stomach it in Bali? Well I guess we have some good news for you. Remote-How is giving you the chance to win an all expenses paid trip away to Bali on us. You’ll get free flight tickets, accommodation, access to a coworking space and on-site support. To enter, fill out an entry form here. You’d have to be crazy to do it, but the offer is there!

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