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Countries around the world are starting to figure out how to contain the coronavirus. But for the US, it’s not quite there yet. Therefore, international travel is not in the best interest of Americans. And there aren’t many countries interested in welcoming back American travelers anytime soon.

So safecations or staycations may be the better option for Americans this summer vacation. However, there are some countries willing to accept American tourists, despite how the virus is taking over the US, many of them tropical destinations. If you’re interested in seeing what countries are still welcoming American tourists, here’s a guide to those countries.

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Are you interested in starting a small business? Or maybe you’ve already started a small business of your own? If you’re struggling to continue to find the passion in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s time for you to find that passion again. We know that coworking spaces can help small business owners own their productivity – which is truly important. But it’s important to know that passion and productivity can most certainly walk hand in hand. It’s just a matter of figuring out how to master the two.

Coworkaholic Productivity

Remember when time management meant everything to remain productive? Well, when you break down what time management really means – it’s not the ultimate key to productivity. According to Real Simple it’s time to adopt a new skill – attention management

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