A theme park vacation is undoubtedly the most ideal family trip to try this summer. Your kids will love the experience and so will you; theme parks are ageless. You can even go with a group of friends and still have incredible fun. However, with the crowding, the high temperatures, toddler tantrums, and with almost everything being overpriced in a theme park, you can easily hate the experience if you haven’t planned sufficiently. That is why you should read this article to get a few tips on how to get the most out of the trip.

1. Do your homework

Before buying your park tickets, do your research to ensure that you get the best deals possible. You can learn about possible discounts on travel deal websites, social media groups, newsletters, and other promotions.

After buying your tickets, research about the rides and attractions you will prioritize once you get to the park, where they’re located, if they allow kids, and how much they cost. That will save you a lot of time and money.

2. Pack for a sunny day

Summer can get blistering hot with temperatures hitting 80s and 90s. Pack everything you and your kids need for a hot day, from t-shirts to shorts, hats or visor caps for the kids, sunglasses, and sunscreen, among other items.

3. Remember that it might be warm, but it can rain anytime

Pack some light sweaters for everyone in the group, just in case rain decides to spoil the fun for you. Ponchos are also great for women. While at it, remember to book indoor attractions so that when the weather isn’t cooperating, you continue the fun in a covered area.

4. Choose fun accommodations

Your theme park vacation in Orlando , or anywhere else within the Sunshine State, will be a lot more fun if you book one of the themed vacation rentals in Florida. Kids will have fun sleeping in a themed princess room, a treehouse, or an underwater room. These rentals are magical for people of all ages. They are affordable, and more comfortable than most hotel rooms. Besides, you want to get away from the crowds in the evening after spending the whole day in a crowded park.

5. Save on food

Food can be a little overpriced in a theme park, so it is best to bring your own food. Nuts, popcorn, fruits, sandwiches, and other snacks will save you hundreds of dollars cumulatively. Just spend your money on ice cream because most packs don’t allow visitors to bring their own ice cream.

You don’t need to bring your own water. Parks have multiple fountains with clean drinking water, so all you need are reusable water bottles that you can refill whenever someone in the group needs water.

6. Pack theme park necessities

Bring water shoes for the water parks. Ensure that the swimsuits you bring are all one-pieces, i.e. the ones without clasps or buckles because they aren’t easily snagged on fast slides. Other types don’t hold up well on the way down. If you have space, pack more than two pairs of water shoes and swimsuits for each member of the group. Because you will be having lots of wet swimsuits and towels, remember to bring garbage bags, and a fresh change of clothes.

7. Time is of the essence

You want to make the most of your vacation, so you should be getting to the parks as early as possible. Be there as they open if you want to be the first at the most popular rides, and to avoid the scorching heat in the afternoon. Afternoons are meant for cooling off under a shade or enjoying an indoor attraction. If you oversleep, the lines will get too long; you want to spend more time having fun, not standing in line. At least not when you are with young kids!


A theme park vacation is not your other day vacation. You come out of it exhausted- happy but exhausted. It will be best if you leave earlier than you would another vacation, say on a Saturday morning, in order to give yourselves enough time to rest in readiness for the coming week.

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