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Would you relocate in the midst of COVID-19, if you knew there was some sort of incentive guaranteed with moving? There are a number of cities around the US with this kind of program, especially for tech industry professionals. These incentives are key to encouraging former office professionals to work remotely and also move to other cities.

“The program, Tulsa Remote, awards $10,000 grants to digital nomads who land in Tulsa and stay for at least a year.” Additional cities have their own version of this program too. Some include: Savannah, Topeka and others. And surprisingly so, the programs are seeing an uptick in industry professionals taking advantage of these opportunities. Even in the midst of COVID-19, people are interested in relocating.

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XpresSpa is typically what you think of as the spot you head to when in need of a quick massage during a long layover at the airport. Who would have thought it would become a spot specifically for COVID-19 testing in the airports? The XpresSpa site at JFK Airport in New York is first to open as of June 23rd. It’s an impressive strategy to help give these closed spas new purpose.

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Have you heard? Disneyland is postponing their July reopening. But the thing is there’s no newly proposed date. With the undeniable increase of COVID-19 cases in California, the state made the decision to delay the reopening. Now, we just wait to see how Florida chooses to proceed. Disney World in Florida is still planning to reopen by July 11th.

And in further news, Disney’s Splash Mountain rides are being refreshed! The ride will now be re-imagined and designed to better suit the story of Princess Tiana from the Princess and the Frog. Here is an inside look as to what Disney has in store for the ride.

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