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Lesson 41: Cooking Your Way around the World with Lenka Brindzova

At the age of 12, Lenka saw Jamie Oliver’s cooking show and made it her mission to become a chef and travel the world. But, growing up in Slovakia, she didn’t have access to the top cooking schools or network of restaurants that many expensive culinary programs provide.

That didn’t stop Lenka from moving to the Czech Republic at the age of 18, determined to develop her skills as a chef, and then working in Copenhagen for 9 years followed by talking her way into an internship at a Michelin-star restaurant in Tokyo and getting a visa to work in Japan.

Lenka will be the first to tell you that being a chef and working in the restaurant industry is HARD work, early mornings, late nights, and often very high stress.

But if you are in love with food and making people happy through your culinary creations, as Lenka is, then there is no limit to where food can take you around the world!

Join us for a delicious journey of becoming a chef—from Slovakia all the way to Tokyo!

What We Cover in This Episode:

  • How Lenka fell in love with cooking and got into cooking school
  • How Lenka landed an internship with a Michelin star restaurant in Tokyo despite knowing no one in Tokyo
  • Some of Lenka’s favorite places to eat in Copenhagen and Tokyo
  • Lenka’s favorite food movie
  • Why the ability to speak for yourself is so important
  • What it’s like to work in the kitchen as a chef

Meet Lenka

chef Lenka
  • You can find Lenka’s Instagram here
  • To check out the trailer for Lenka’s favorite food movie, Tampopo, click here
  • Be sure to check out “Juno the Bakery” and “Democratic Coffee” when in Copenhagen as well as Minatoya in Sasazuka, Tokyo, Japan for friend octopus balls and/or amazing shaved ice, click here!
  • Read more about the “halvah” pastry here

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