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Lesson 34: Coping with Coronavirus – Best Tips for Working From Home, Entertaining Yourself with Podcasts, and Taking Becky’s Corona Challenge

Hello everybody! First of all, I hope that everyone is staying safe and close to their loved ones in these difficult and uncertain times. It has been hard to stay focused on our day-to-day lives with everything changing so fast and many of us not knowing if we can maintain the status quo and provide for our families.

In light of the coronavirus, this week I decided to record a solo episode for you on The School of Travels Podcast and give you some tips about working from home from my two years of experience dealing with the challenges that can come from having a small, often distracting space to work from. 

I then give you my recommendations for the most exciting podcasts to listen to and entertain you while spending more time at home. If you’ve never listened to podcasts much before, this is a great time to start! 

Finally, I wanted to introduce you to my “Corona Challenge”, which I explain in more detail in this podcast. Let’s take the Corona Challenge together and turn our fear and anxiety into something motivating for all of us!  I really hope you enjoy this episode. Be well and take care out there.

My Current Situation

I have now been in Japan for two months and just finished one month in Kyoto at an Airbnb that I had reserved back in December. Last night, I returned to Tokyo and canceled plans to leave the country. I’m going to be staying here as long as I need to until the global situation with this virus improves enough to travel again.

I find myself so fortunate to be in the one other country in the world besides the USA where I can stay indefinitely due to having permanent residency. I’m able to access the health care system here if I need it (although I really hope that will not be the case).

Japan is where I have the biggest network of friends outside of the US, and I am now staying with two lovely friends here that I have stayed with before, so we are like a family now and none of us sick so far.

Please take care of yourselves out there and continue to do the things at home that bring you the most joy!

In this episode:

Best tips for working from home: 3:44–19:00

Becky’s podcast recommendations: 19:00–31:44

Becky’s Corona Challenge 31:44–35:00

Podcasts to Get You through Quarantine (Available Wherever You Get Your Podcasts)

  • This American Life – Check out “The Feather Heist” episode here
  • Reply All from Gimlet – Check out “The Case of the Missing Hit”, “Long Distance, Parts 1 and 2″, The Snapchat Thief” and many more
  • Serial, Season 1
  • S-Town
  • My Dad Wrote a Porno
  • The Rewatchables
  • Dying for Sex
  • Revisionist History with Malcolm Gladwell
  • Startup, especially Season 1
  • Heavyweight
  • Cold (True Crime)
  • Death, Sex, and Money
  • The Tough Girl podcast
  • The World Wanderers
  • The Maverick Show with Matthew Bowles
  • The Radio Vagabond

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