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Episode 33: Getting Fired and Then Hiring Yourself to Work from Anywhere with Real Estate Investor and Podcast Host Matt Bowles

When Matt Bowles lost his job at the age of 30, he decided that he didn’t want to be dependent on anyone else ever again for deciding when he would get a paycheck. But he had no idea how to do it or where to even start. So he went to the bookstore and started sitting in those comfy chairs day after day and discovering the knowledge he needed to find.

Seven years and 60+ countries later, this is his story. From hip hop to Middle East conflict resolution to hosting “The Maverick Show” podcast. Matt and I have a lot to cover in another fascinating conversation direct from the Nomad Cruise.

What we cover in this episode:

  • Matt’s childhood and how it helped shape his future life of travel
  • How Matt went from losing his job (they even took his phone!) to starting a business with location independence as the foundation
  • Investing in a turnkey real estate property that already has a tenant in place and when you buy with Matt’s company
  • How to not compromise your personal values when starting a for-profit business
  • How you never have to be alone while traveling

Meet Matt:

Purchase a turn-key real estate investment property in the US with a tenant already in place bringing you income with Matt’s company here

Check out Matt’s podcast called “The Maverick Show: Adventures in Real Estate, Entrepreneurship, and World Travel” here

Follow Matt’s adventures on Instagram here

For more info on connecting with the Nomad communities that Matt mentions, check out the following links:

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