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Episode 44: Moving to Portugal with Travel Blogger James Cave

I have some big news, listeners! After all of the big changes in travel that we have seen this year, I have decided that it’s time for a base again, and in the last month, I have decided to start the process of moving to Portugal and applying for a visa. As part of my research into Portugal, I spoke with James Cave from portugalist.com to learn more about traveling and living in this beautiful country and why you may want to consider it. James lived in Portugal as a child and has made regular visits back to the country after his parents returned to Portugal when he was 18. In this episode, James gives some great tips on the country as well as some hilarious housesitting episodes from his early days on the road. If you’ve ever considered visiting Portugal, you won’t want to miss this episode!

What We Cover in This Episode

  • James’s early adventures in housesitting including a stint with 18 alpacas and 7 cats
  • What happened when the French police arrived at James door in a small French village
  • Why you should move to Portugal
  • The best places to travel to in Portugal
  • Why removing options can sometimes equal freedom


Meet James Cave

  • Check out James’s travel blog Portugalist.com here
  • You can find the Portugalist Instagram here
  • To check out the Portugalist Facebook page, click here
  • Check out the Portugalist.com Twitter page here
  • To contact James, email him at james@portugalist.com

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