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Lesson 45: Finding Long-Term Success with Online Dating with Copywriter Mary Grace Nguyen

When we last left the world of online dating here on the The School of Travels in Lesson 24, Kevin Ohashi gave us tips for setting up a successful profile and navigating the wild world of Tinder as a digital nomad. Today, copywriter Mary Grace Nguyen gives us the female perspective of online dating as someone based in one city trying to find a long-term partner. In this entertaining episode, Mary provides tips and tricks for writing a successful dating profile, how to stand out from all the other matches, how to keep things interesting long after the first few dates, and how Mary found long-term love on, yes, Tinder!

What We Cover in This Episode

  • Setting up your online dating profile for the best chance of success
  • Standing out from the crowd in the crowded world of online dating
  • When you know if you’ve found someone for the long-term
  • How Mary found her long-term match on Tinder
  • Navigating the tough world of online dating and living with your partner in a pandemic

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Meet Mary Grace Nguyen

You can find Mary’s Instagram here.

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