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Lesson 31: Selling it All in Your 50s and Living Your Travel Dreams Full Time with Radio Producer and Podcast Host Palle Bo

Palle Bo has lived in the same town in Denmark for most of his life. He traveled when he could but was never really able to go on the epic adventure he’d always dreamed of. One day, he realized: ‘My kids have graduated college and it might just be possible to take my work with me on the road. Maybe my clients won’t even know.’ One day, he said his travel dreams out loud and suddenly found himself handing the keys to his apartment over to new owners. Thus, the Radio Vagabond Podcast was born and, almost four years later, Palle Bo is still going. Join us directly from the “Horizon” ship’s game room on the Nomad Cruise X journey through the Middle East! What plans are you going to say out loud and make happen in 2020?

What we cover in this episode:

  • Palle Bo’s move from Denmark to the big, wide world at the age of 52
  • How Palle Bo makes money on the road
  • The best way to find local experiences on the road
  • Traveling to North Korea with his daughter and important things to keep in mind if you’re going to visit

Meet Palle Bo:

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